The Pretzel Factory

The long, short and twisty of it

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The Pretzel Factory is the no.1 tourist attraction in Alsace dedicated to the famous Pretzel (known in Alsace as “Bretzels”). You will find out all about the history of the Pretzel at our visitor centre, which covers an area of more than 500 m². Whatever the weather, come rain or shine, it’s always Happy Hour with Boehli Pretzels!

Come and discover the secrets to how this famous savoury nibble from Alsace is made. You will get to see every step of the manufacturing process that goes into making Boehli Pretzels, from the dough to the finished and ready-to-eat bag of Boehli Pretzels. In short, you will discover all there is to know about Pretzels! At the end of your visit, you will enjoy a tasting session in the welcoming Bretzel’Bar, before exploring our exclusive Shop’in Bretzel shop.

This unique, fun and altogether appetising experience is just 30 minutes from Strasbourg!

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La Fabrique à Bretzels Boehli, bien plus qu'un musée !
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